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Samsung Galaxy S6 price,release date,specs

Samsung Galaxy S6 price

Everyone is obviously very curious about the Samsung Galaxy S6 price , but as long as the phone is still no official release has known nothing can be said. Sensible about It is therefore wait until the phone is officially brought out and comes to lie in order to know what the price will be awarded. The Samsung Galaxy S6 on the shelves Once something is known about the prices that will obviously see us on the website



Samsung Galaxy S6 price expectation

Expected that the Samsung Galaxy S6 price will not be different from the price that was charged. S5 for the Galaxy very much Here also it depends a bit from which functionalities will all be added to the Galaxy S6 because obviously will have no equal on the Samsung Galaxy S6 price. Many additional features of the phone In addition, it might also true that the Galaxy S6 will be succeeded by the Galaxy mini S6. The fact is, of course, that these well below that of the regular Galaxy S6 will sit down in price so if the Samsung Galaxy S6 price might be too high for you would also be a good alternative to a more expensive phone can be.


Samsung Galaxy S6: Tizen as future operating system?

Samsung has the presence, increasing of Tizen and its own operating system.This was presented as evidence in devices like the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 or Galaxy Neo Gear 2.So in the near future we could assist to a possible Samsung Galaxy S6 operating system with Tizen.That Tizen is the future operating system of Samsung is already a fact. This is evidenced by the Korean company on their devices Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 and S amsung Galaxy Neo Gear 2 , which already incorporated.



The reason is obvious is that Samsung , most likely, want their devices to work with its own operating system .Tizen is a Linux-based devices such as smartphones, tablets, smart TV’s and smart cameras OS.This will be a hallmark of the mobile operating system Samsung, like Apple does with iOS.The first Samsung device to use the operating system Tizen was NX300M smart camera launched in October last year.Would you be thinking about including Samsung Tizen operating system in the future Samsung Galaxy S6 ? This is a question arising from iOSDoc .

If so Google could lose one of the key companies in its fight against Apple and its iOS operating system. Samsung is the only one who can keep up with the Apple.Another direct consequences flowing from this is that Samsung and begin to compete directly against Apple in terms of software, data, operating system and obviously brand.But the negative reading to do for a possible inclusion in Tizen Samsung Galaxy S6 could lead to lack of user trust, which would be affected both the brand Samsung as its market share.

You can tell if Samsung turns away from Android, the South Korean company actually alienate the majority of the factors that have to do with smartphones.Many of the apps and functions that are essential in Android allows Android smartphones today. As an example we can point Chrome, Google Maps, Play Store , etc..The ecosystem Tizen would have to start from scratch and convince the user base that now use Samsung Android devices.China is an emerging market in which, because they could not be tested for acceptance of Tizen operating system in the future Samsung Galaxy S6 or any terminal of the range Galaxy Note .

But the question now is would we be assaulted willing to buy a Samsung Galaxy S6 with Tizen operating system?