Nexus 6

LG will make for a new Google Nexus 6

Google will not abandon its plans to produce “standard” smartphone Nexus. And the next device will appear under this brand before the end of this year.

But the production of the new smartphone to be engaged in the company LG, which has already made ​​Google for multiple devices. If we talk about the characteristics and appearance of the smartphone, it is expected that the designers take a basis has not yet submitted a smartphone LG G3. However, this smartphone has been known for almost everything. Even named the date of the announcement of the gadget, which is expected to show at the end of May in six cities.


However, for the convenience of users, the manufacturer is not going to do for the new smartphone is the same as a large display at LG G3 – 5,5 inches. It is expected to appear in the screen with a diagonal of 5.2 inches with a fairly high resolution 2560 * 1440 pixels. Other specifications of the gadget will also be at the level of the flagships – the most powerful mobile processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 805, 3 GB of RAM and internal memory capacity of 16 and up to 32 GB.

In addition, it was reported that Google Nexus 6 is currently actively negotiating with suppliers and manufacturers fingerprint. So it is quite possible that the new “reference” smartphone and acquire such a module.


The details about Google nexus 6

The Nexus 5 launched only in October last year, the news about the successor Nexus 6 are still scarce, since all we think about some essential details and make plans for the next Google Nexus phone known as Google Nexus 6.

Content with how things went so far, Google seems determined to continue working with LG for another Nexus phone, which could hit store shelves a little earlier than Nexus models 4 and Nexus 5, both released in the winter holidays. However, from the discussions by Vice President Sundar Pichai that Google should not expect a new Nexus Smartphone during the first six months of 2014.Though  Google Nexus 6 release date is announced as by the end of 2014.


 Even still describe in detail the first Nexus phone rumored to launch a six preacher’s inspired top of the range LG G3, slimmer design and competitive performance obtained with the hardware not as expensive. Although predictable, the strategy worked in the past with good results, both phones Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 is made ​​by high-end Smartphone models, namely Optimus G and G2 Optimus series of LG.

All the rumors are and that LG would be Google partner to achieve first Smart Watch Nexus, a device that will run a modified version of Android, equipped with custom applications and access to Google Now. Some candidates also include Motorola and preserved as a legitimate partner after the sale to Lenovo for the amount of nearly $ 3 billion.

As a more distant future, another rumor announces Nexus product family disappeared, replaced with new series of Google Play Edition devices that focus on providing as pure Android experience.

Views on the Nexus 6, S6 and Galaxy # MWC14

Besides confirming that  Google  never bid any amount to buy  WhatsApp ,  Sundar Pichai,  during a chat with reporters at the  Mobile World Congress ,  gave many other interesting statements, including gave his opinion about the  Nokia X , answered some questions about the upcoming Team  Nexus  and talked a bit about the new relationship with  Samsung  and its next flagship, the  Galaxy S6 . He also spoke about malware in Android, the reason why there is so much is because Android is the operating system more popular these days.

About the new equipment X, X +  and  XL , Pichai  said that the proof that  Android is a system free, is that Nokia  has been able to modify it at will in order to be used in their new teams recently presented, however mentioned strategy that Microsoft  is not entirely clear to him.

MWC 2014

 The conversation became more interesting when journalists asked about the Google Nexus 6.  Unconfirmed nothing indicated that he did not see in the shops in the first half of the year; considering that the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 were launched in the second half of 2012 and 2013 respectively, expected this statement.

On his recent relationship with Samsung, indicates that there is no tension between the two companies and is currently even boring. He noted that the next Galaxy S6 will continue running with Android and regrets that the new Gear from Samsung it no longer made, making them part of the lot.

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Nexus 6 to look out for.

Rumors begin to stir around a possible smartphone Nexus 6 , while the iPhone 6 is far and the Galaxy S5 eventually became real, putting an end to speculation, pending a hypothetical premium version meet everything that was not announced at the announcement of the 2014 MWC  Barcelona.While in the same area, a rumor from China referred to the presence of a processor Snapdragon 810 64-bit on board the Nexus 6, it is now rumored that LG Electronics would always partner Google for its design.

And as for the Nexus 4 (formed on the LG Optimus G) and Nexus 5 (formed on the LG G2) already designed by LG, Nexus 6 would use the smartphone manufacturer’s reference as a basis for its configuration, ie here the LG G3 should unfold shortly.the Nexus 6 is logically a lighter version of LG G3, without specifying what. As the Galaxy S5 before the announcement, the future LG G3 is adorned with all virtues QHD display resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels), 64-bit processor or high-end digital camera 16 megapixel.


Nexus 6 should be pretty strong model. You should even have a scanner for fingerprint. With a display of five inches and 20 megapixel camera of the question is what else can we expect? Nexus 6  , according to speculation could have a real processor with eight cores clock speed 2.4 GHz and at least 4GB of RAM. There is also a 5-inch screen 2K UHD.The battery should be 3100 mAh.The camera of 20 megapixels with new technologies and ways of beautifying the image of the application that controls the camera. Speaking of software – that should find many applications that caring for the health of users.Scanner fingers or fingerprint would also need to be present on the Nexus 6 model by pricnipal Samsung Galaxy S5. Google could even stronger support and hardware dependent. Could soon have a lot more information, and certainly will and  LG  have some impact on this story.

According to the clues provided by Sundar “Android & Chrome” Pichai last week, the Nexus smartphone could be announced 6 more in the second half of the year. Note that LG Electronics should also be the partner of Google for connected shows developers expected during the event Google I / O end of June.